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New To GameMaker?


This GameMaker Course Book Teaches All The Basics You Need To Start Making Your Own  Amazing Games - Suitable For Home Study or Educational Use


Covers All The Basics Over 30 Chapters

Suitable For One Chapter Per Day

All Resources & Project Files Included


Then Make Your First Shooting Game

+65 Ideas To Add To Your Game To Take It To The Next Level


Learn GameMaker Today With This Course in a Book

30 Main Chapters, Each Focusing On A Different GameMaker Programming Aspect. Each Chapter Ends With A Few Assignments to Complete
Introduction - Quick Guide To The IDE
Chapter 1 – Variables
Chapter 2 - Conditionals
Chapter 3 – Drawing Shapes
Chapter 4 – More Drawing
Chapter 5 - Input & Movement
Chapter 7 – Sprites
Chapter 8 – Health, Lives & Score
Chapter 9 - Mouse
Chapter 10 - Alarms
Chapter 11 - Collisions
Chapter 12 - Rooms
Chapter 13 - Backgrounds
Chapter 14 - Sounds
Chapter 15 – Splash Screens & Menu
Chapter 16 - Random
Chapter 17 - AI
Chapter 18 – INI Files
Chapter 19 - Effects
Chapter 20 - LoopszzChapter 21 - Arrays
Chapter 22 – DS Lists
Chapter 23 - Paths
Chapter 24 - Functions
Chapter 25 – Tilesets
Chapter 26 – Timelines
Chapter 27 – Views
Chapter 28 – MP Grids
Chapter 29 – Sequences

GameMaker Course & Home Study

Designed In Bite-Size Sections That Are Suitable For Classroom or Home Study

Each Chapter Ends With Some Assignments Of Varying Difficulty - Ideal For Mixed Ability Groups

After Working Through The 20 Main Chapters You'll Be Shown How To Make A Shooting Game:

GameMaker Example Game Course

You'll Then Be Presented With 65 Additional Elements To Add To The Game

Each Element Has A Completed Example You Can Import InTo GameMaker

Here Are The Projects:


Basic Weapon Upgrade

Better Collison Detection

Bonus Bird

Bonus Round

Character Selection

Coins Bonuses

Combo Kill Effect

Create Lots Of Effects

Dangerous Blimp

Difficulty Settings

Double Damage

Draw Score As Text

End Of Level Boss

Enemy Crash In Water

Enemy Incoming Alert

Engine Sounds

Exploding Mega Bomb

Fast Move Bonus

Floating Score Text

Friendly Hot Air Balloon

Fuel Control System

Heat Distortion Effect

Heat Seeking Weapon

Hit Enemy Damage

Hoop To Fly Through

How To Play Information

Increasing Difficulty

Knockback When Shooting

Laser Weapon

Logo Change Colour

Mega Super Weapon

Mega Weapon

Menu Plane Effect

Mini Helper Plane

Mouse Cursor Change

Mouse Over Menu Buttons

Moving Text

Music Control

Name With Highscore

New Enemy

On Screen Keyboard

Plane Player Crash

Planes On Menu

Player Achievements

Player Auto Move

Player Flash When Hit

Quit Game Confirmation

Radar Showing Enemies

Random Game Play

Read Score As Voice

Room Fade In / Out Effect

Screen Shake

Shield Bonus

Shoot Weapon To Target

Shooting Cool Down

Shop System

Sliding Menu Buttons

Slowly Change Menu Button Size

Slowly Increase Score

Text With Border

Voice On New Highscore

Water Based Enemy

Weapon Trail Effects

Weather Effects

Wobbly Logo